Thoughts of renovation

It has been a while since I wrote an article in Medium. We have been so busy re-structuring our whole strategy for marketing and analysing what went well and what went wrong in our first weeks as a new endeavor in the BSC.

We originally had 8 projects in mind for Sextant Solutions. We still do (we have more actually) but we realised something very important. $SPOON cannot be a jack of all trades because the tokenomics are very specific and are tailored for particular use cases.

On the other side, we started our initial assessment for DeFi partnerships so we could work on the sixth tokenomic “Staking”. We want our investors to stake their SPOON holdings in DeFi farms where they can earn defi native tokens. That’s right, you will be able to stake your SPOONs (and in some cases, specific SPOON-XXXX LP pairs) to earn additional tokens. SPOON is not farme-able, it has limited supply and constant burning. But that does not mean you cannot stake SPOON somewhere else.

Besides, achieving partnerships with DeFi farms should bring additional attention to our project, as well as legitimacy. And our market cap would pour into their farming project so it is a win-win.

We might even have come very close to coming to an agreement to have a defi farm partnership as soon as we deploy to Polygon (because of which you might find yourself buying some MATICs soon).

So why do I mention all of this? Because we had an epiphany. We realised that we were being too cryptic about our intentions with $SPOON. This was on purpose, partially, because we had too many ideas on our mind.

But we have made a decision. Sextant Solutions will continue developing projects and additional tools and services, even new child companies. But $SPOON has to be good on its own.

Taking a look at our roadmap video you can find at the end that we mention 8 projects. We have decided to focus on the one that could bring the best profit to our investors as well as immediate market presence. We are building the token tracker.

Not just a simple token tracker. We are clients of existing token trackers and we have fallen over and over again for different types of scams. Most of the tokens out there being deployed right now, even some with locked liquidity for 1 year and many other seemingly legit characteristics, end up being a rug pull in one way or another.

We are sick of it. We are tired of it. Blockchain is the future but all these scams turn a beautiful technology into a tool for dishonesty and mockery. There is no way we can prevent scammers to continue creating tokens and luring victims into them. Hell, sometimes the same scam token will be deployed many times during the day. They won’t even change the name of it.

What we can do, however, is to use technology to assist our investors to become investors of other projects. Your gains are our gains as well. We want to protect you from avoidable scams. The problem is that there is so much to check before investing, that many times you can actually lose money by analysing that much.

It is always preferable to DYOR before investing! But when a token is “fair launched” there is basically no time to do any digging. Scammers count on this, and on our greed, to lure us into traps. They immediately ban anyone fudding and people just fall for honeypots, rug pulls and whatnot.

There is too much to check, and so much of it could be automated. We are also clients of Poocoin and Moonarch, excellent tools that we will keep using. We even invest in them. But we believe we can do something better for the crypto community. We believe we can put a stop, or at least deter, so much scam around.

We are building a Token Tracker. We are building a Risk Assessment system. We are building Automation. We are enabling investors to focus on investing, not on watching their pockets.

Remember we said we were too cryptic with the information we gave out? No more. Here are our plans:

  • New website. Now focused on explaining the App we are building and the features it will have.
  • Doxxing. We will show our faces. Me and German have been a great team for many years, but we did not know what to expect from a crypto community. We now understood that it is time to show you our credentials.
  • Updated roadmap. Everything that was on the roadmap before is still there. But now we are being clear with the features we are building, and also made it clear when Polygon will happen.
  • Short videos about the roadmap. The roadmap is huge. We are still here a long term project. So we will create videos explaining point by point. We want to talk about some of the details that will make our app stand out, so we will spend 1 feature per video. Don’t worry, they won’t be 15 minutes like usual (hopefully!).
  • Using Medium as a dev blog. Me and German are both Principal Software Engineers (full stack both, we do everything) and I am currently a Product Owner in the gaming casino industry. We want to share with you our anecdotes and our experience while building SPOON. So we will use Medium like a diary. Expect informal posts like these. Hopefully you will find them interesting!
  • Expanding marketing and social media reach. This has been a point that we had to put on hold. There is one tiny mistake we did when we deployed SPOON. We only assigned 5% of the supply to marketing. Seeing projects take 10% or 20% for it seemed like a steal. But we also see that we needed more liquidity. So we are now planning on how we will be gradually expanding our marketing reach as well as invigorating our community management. We might need to hire some new folks into the Sextant group.
  • Iterative approach. This is something we already did. We always do something and then iterate over it. Now we want to make it more obvious to you. We will be improving our FAQ, Whitepaper, and all informational material through time.
  • New Whitepaper. Our whitepaper needs to reflect our new SPOON tool, at least from an informational standpoint. This way you will also have a document about the features that are coming out.

That’s it for tonight folks. Medium will be the place where we can just write whatever we want and keep you updated on our accomplishments and, why not, also shortcomings.

Tomorrow will be a busy day! Stay tuned for updates in our Telegram. Also expect to see a whole new Site and roadmap. Expect doxxing also in our Youtube Channel!



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