Created token events done + Coinsniper listing succeeded

And so it begins. With the first feature that we needed to develop.

We have successfully connected to the blockchain without requiring Metamask or any wallet to be connected by the user and fetched properly the transaction events of every block live in a very fast manner.

We also performance tested it against competing applications and we are very happy to report that:

  • We beat other solutions in speed — Key for any Gem predator —
  • We do not miss a single creation event (We were surprised to find out that other tools were actually missing many tokens!)
  • We only feed new tokens (We saw some tools reporting tokens as “New” when they were 1 or 2 days old already -very strange)
  • And we work within BSC’s parameters so no polling or spam errors occur at all.

Additionally, today we have finally completed the listing in Coinsniper!

We finally got the 500 votes we needed to get listed. And we went up to the 686 votes.

In coinhunt we were able to also acquire new voters that will help us have greater visibility.

Additionally, BSCScan has finally updated our token page! With social media links and a proper logo in the page, anyone finding SPOON in any way that is not through the site or one of our ads will be able to connect with us.

Finally, today we had a very important dip. One of the whales executed most of its SPOON and dipped the price down to $0.35. In just a few hours the bulls took us back to the price and actually got us to a new high which currently sits at $0.63

Our next short term objectives are:

  • Work on Ownership renounced events detection for the SPOON app
  • Work on Liquidity creation events detection for the SPOON app

Finally, one last thing to note is that yesterday, after the new roadmap announcements and the doxxing, we have put an aggressive marketing plan which is “Everyday one action”. We will soon start appearing in Reddit, Twitch, Youtube and be posting ads around. We are working the budget so we can get the best value out of it.

An AMA session is also coming with a proficient crypto twitch streamer.

We want to get our holders to 300. With that we can actually list our token information in Bogged Finance.

Last but not least, we ask everyone to be patient with Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Listing are taking several weeks to occur. Rest assured our team follows up this matter daily.

Thank you for tuning in folks! Let’s clean up the blockchain from scams!



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